What to expect

If you have never hired someone with a disability before, it can be hard to know where to start. EPIC can help you find job-ready employees who will bring valuable new perspectives and competitive advantage to your business.

The right person for the role

We take the time to understand your business culture, values, challenges, and the skills and talent you’re looking for to make sure we find a person who is a great fit for your team.

“EPIC understand our business and we really appreciate their support for not only the client but us as well.” – Woolworths, NPS feedback

IGA Store Manager Belinda, stands with her EPIC employee Carl in front of the fruit and vegetable isle at IGA
IGA Store Manager Belinda, stands with her EPIC employee Carl

Our job seekers

Our job seekers are all at different stages on their employment journeys. Some people will be suitable for junior roles, and others have extensive experience and will be suitable for managerial and leadership positions.

We’re looking for long-term, sustainable roles for our job seekers, not short-term outcomes. As such, it is our priority to ensure our job seekers are job-ready before we present them to your business. It’s in the best interests of everyone to ensure the right person is put into the right role.

“I like that EPIC have given me the opportunity to employ people who might not be able to get employment otherwise, they provide a valuable service in the community which I really appreciate.” – Three Blue Ducks, NPS feedback

Erin stands in front of the Olympic length swimming pool at Bundy Swimming Academy
Erin has become an integral member of the team since joining Bundy Swimming Academy in 2016

How we will support you

Transparent communication

Before the person starts in your workplace, we’ll brief you about the job seeker, their disability and how best to support them. After they have started work, we will check in with you regularly via phone, email or in person. That way, everyone remains on the same page and any issues are resolved immediately.

“EPIC provides really good communication, they keep us informed about what’s happening at all times.” – Rochedale Early Learning Centre, NPS feedback

Ongoing support

EPIC’s ongoing support is what sets us apart from other providers.

Once your employee is on-the-job, we’ll check in regularly to see how they’re progressing, and how you’re doing too. If the employee needs hands-on support to do their job, we’ll work alongside them every shift until they no longer need our help.

“EPIC have been 100% supportive. They have supplied support workers to help any of our employees if they have needed assistance, which has helped free up our time and let us focus on other parts of our business.” – Positive Quality Traders, NPS feedback

How EPIC has helped the Tattooed Sailor find their star employee

We worked with Ian from Tattooed Sailor to find him an employee who not only fit the role perfectly but has lifted staff morale and customer satisfaction.