Businesses urged to make a change this Stress Down Day

Wednesday, 3 July 2019

Everyone experiences stress at some point during their life. Whether it’s that impending deadline at work or a tough situation at home, some days stress can just hit you from every angle. When all those demands begin to bottleneck, it can be difficult to find a way pass, but the first step is acknowledging that it exists

Stress Down Day (24 July 2019) is Lifeline’s annual crisis support fundraiser that throws a fun spin on a serious issue. People are encouraged to loosen their ties, don their craziest costume, and participate in fun, stress reducing activities at their workplace or school.

Stress and mental health

This year is the 12th annual Stress Down Day and a great opportunity to start conversations about stress and the impact it has on our mental health. A recent study found that 90% of Australians experience stress, 74% of which is caused by work. On top of this, stress has become the number one workplace health and safety claim in Australia.

These aren’t small numbers. At EPIC Assist (EPIC), we understand how stress and unsupportive environments can affect our wellbeing and productivity. Our job seekers are number one, and we believe that the key to lasting employment starts with support.

This is central to the work we do here at EPIC. Every day, we raise expectations for people with disability and encourage businesses to make a change. We’re committed to breaking down stigma and creating mentally healthy workplaces where stress is minimised, and everyone is supported.

That’s why this Stress Down Day we’re encouraging businesses to put the wellbeing of their employees first.

To do this, we must work together. Workplace mental health is a shared responsibility. Everyone – from employees, to managers, to directors and board members – has a role to play in reducing stress.

Diversity and inclusion workshops

Prioritising the wellbeing of your employees isn’t as difficult as you might think. Diversity and inclusion workshops are a great way to build awareness and understanding, while empowering your employees to support one another.

Employees tacking coloured stick notes to a wall
Our diversity and inclusion workshops develop practical tools and strategies that your business can use to reduce stress.

EPIC offers a range of customisable workshops that are designed to help businesses prioritise the wellbeing of their employees. Our workshops are delivered in a face-to-face, hands-on format that is personalised to suit your business needs.

These workshops are having a strong, very real impact in workplaces all across EPIC’s footprint. Not only do they provide a safe environment to explore feelings and experiences, but they also arm people with tangible skills that reduce stress.

Start a conversation today

Prioritising positive mental health is about more than just ‘doing the right thing’ – what’s good for your employees is good for business. When you create a work culture of understanding and safety, everyone is at their best and ready to thrive.

This Stress Down Day, why not consider investing in the highest quality of life and care for your employees? Disability confident workplaces benefit from a range of diverse and valuable insights, experiences, and perspectives. When your employees feel supported and understood, everyone benefits.

By acknowledging stress, it is possible to take action and control of the situation. If you’d like to chat more about our workshops and how they can help your business, please get in touch with our friendly team. Call 07 3857 5085, or send an enquiry to [email protected]

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