“Without EPIC I wouldn’t have this job, I’m really grateful for their assistance.” – Blake

Monday, 26 March 2018

Blake’s confidence and self-esteem have improved immeasurably since he connected with our team in Maryborough two years ago, as a school-based trainee.

“When I first met Blake he was a very nervous young man who didn’t say much and found it difficult to look you in the eye,” said EPIC Employment Consultant Don Bayley.

“Nevertheless, he was always a very respectful young man with excellent manners who showed a lot of potential.”

The Maryborough team worked with Blake to understand his career goals, and found he expressed a keen interest in horticulture. We then reached out to Bougainvillea Del Nursery, who were willing to give Blake a start.

“Don and Christine were happy to take Blake on, and we provided Blake with full on-the-job support during his traineeship,” said Don.

“We also assisted Blake with the theory component of his traineeship, and facilitated appropriate workwear and personal protective equipment.”

There were times within his apprenticeship when Blake faced challenges, but he refused to be side-tracked in reaching his goals.

“Blake struggled at times with some of the heavier tasks associated with traineeship, like concreting and shovelling,” explained Don.

“So he took it upon himself to start going to the gym to improve his strength, which worked well. He showed a lot of initiative, and was very dedicated to completing the traineeship.”

Following Blake’s successful traineeship completion and Year 12 graduation, he worked with our team to secure ongoing employment.

“We approached a number of local employers and gained a placement for Blake at the Maryborough Golf Club,” said Don.

“We again purchased workwear and appropriate gear for Blake’s new placement. In addition, we assisted Blake in securing some driving lessons, which would help him gain independence.”

“We didn’t believe that Blake would require on the job support as he had grown so much personally; his confidence and communication skills had greatly improved.”

Our inkling about Blake was right, and our team have been delighted to see Blake thriving in his new role.

“We went back to visit Blake and his employer to make sure everything was going well, and the employer was very impressed with Blake and his work ethic in particular.”

Blake has now commenced an apprenticeship with Maryborough Golf Club and says this opportunity wouldn’t have been possible without our help.

“I love working at the golf club, there is a lot of variety in my job, with many different tasks that change all the time. The staff also treat me very well and are always there to help me,” said Blake.

“Without EPIC I wouldn’t have this job, and I’m really grateful for their assistance.”