AccessAbility Day 2017

Friday, 23 March 2018

We were proud to participate in AccessAbility Day, a new Australian Government initiative connecting employers and people with disability.

This pilot project took place in December in the EPIC regions of Bundaberg, Hobart and Woodridge, and provided an opportunity for participants to experience a day in a new workplace, role or type of employment.

AccessAbility Day also provided a unique opportunity for businesses to explore hiring people with disability, without any commitment, and in a supportive environment.

Robin Faliszewski, Business Team leader at Regional Housing in Bundaberg, chose to take part after their CEO heard about the initiative in Maryborough.

“As an organisation, a lot of our tenants have a disability and we need to understand that a lot better,” said Robin.

One of our job seekers, Timothy, displayed good computer knowledge, and so Robin tasked him with reviewing documents and conducting a site safety audit and inspection of the property.

“It was really interesting working on the workplace health and safety side of things, which was new to me,” said Timothy.

“I had an excellent day, it was a wonderful experience.”

Robin said AccessAbility Day provides an opportunity for employers to have their eyes opened as to how employing a person with disability can be an advantage to the organisation.

“Just because someone has a disability, doesn’t mean they’re not a good worker. People can excel given the right job.”

Wendy from Moo & Me boutique in Bundaberg became involved as she wanted to give a start to someone interested in retail. The job seeker helped across a range of daily duties including setting up displays, customer service and operating the cash register.

Our job seeker Jake spent a day at Puma Service Station. Taking into account his previous experience as a console operator, Jake took the day as a ‘refresher’ and an opportunity to make connections in the field.

“Some people just go through the motions. But if you really show that you want a job, it [work experience] can be a good opportunity,” said Jake.

Queensland Computers and Winner’s Nest Newsagent in Bundaberg also hosted participants for the day.

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