Our organisation

EPIC Assist’s mission to enable people and communities to overcome disadvantage and aspire to reach their greatest potential is showcased through this organisational representation of a flower. The flower was chosen due to its symbolism of positivity and opportunity. Flowers bloom when nurtured as do people in the right environment.

People with disability are at the centre of everything EPIC does. The orange colour represents warmth, loyalty, and enthusiasm.

The yellow petals depict the teams within EPIC that work together to support people with disability. They represent optimism, happiness, and positivity.

Our external customers are represented on the leaves of the stalk, an important component of EPIC’s overall ecosystem. The green colour represents growth, change, and learning.

A graphic of a sunflower. In the centre it says "people with disability." One the petals are the names of EPIC's departments. There are three leaves on the stalk. On the leaves are the names of EPIC's key partners.