Support Coordination

Our friendly Support Coordinators across Tasmania and in Brisbane will assist you to navigate the NDIS, take control of your funding, explore your options, and optimise your NDIS package. We work together with you to understand the goals in your NDIS plan and why they are important to you.

What to expect

Our experienced Support Coordinators will guide you through support options available to you through your NDIS package, and work with you to utilise all areas of your plan.

EPIC's Emma GHrafton sits next to participant Sandra at a table. They are both looking at the camera and smiling.
Support Coordinator Emma helps participants maximise their NDIS supports

We get to know you

We will listen to you about your choices and preferences to ensure your NDIS plan meets your lifestyle needs.

We will support you to reach your goals by:

  • helping to identify and compare your options
  • connecting you with a range of informal, community, mainstream and funded supports
  • obtaining quotes from providers and negotiating service agreements
  • helping to make options accessible by addressing barriers
  • building your understanding of what to expect from providers
  • helping you overcome challenges
  • building your confidence and plan management skills
  • preparing for your NDIS plan reviews

You’re in control

We’re here to support you in building the skills to organise your supports and direct your own life. You have the right to decide what services you receive, and when. We will work together to understand the goals of your NDIS plan and why they are important to you.

When considering how to best utilise your funding, we will take your personal circumstances into consideration, listen to you about how your supports and services will help you achieve your NDIS goals, if they are reasonably priced to suit your budget and works with your lifestyle.

Ongoing support

EPIC’s experienced team of support coordinators will continue to check in with you once you have an action plan in place and make sure that you receive the support you need.

If your circumstances change and your plan requires a review, we’ll work with you to update your plan based on your current needs.

Meet our Support Coordinators

Headshot of Laura Dobson

Laura Dobson

NDIS Regional Coordinator
“If you can dream it, you can do it.”
Laura Dobson
Laura commenced with EPIC’s Tasmanian team in 2009. Since then, she has held a number of roles from Job Trainer and Employment Consultant for Disability Employment Services (DES), to managing EPIC’s School Leave Employment Support (SLES) program, and her current role managing EPIC’s team of Support Coordinators (NDIS). When she’s not changing participant’s lives, Laura loves reading books, bush-walking, camping and mountain bike riding with her family.
Headshot of Melissa Wescombe

Melissa Wescombe

Support Coordinator (Tasmania)
“To be able to smile and see the end of the rainbow”
Melissa Wescombe
Melissa spent 23 years working with the Department of Health and Human Services in Tasmania before joining EPIC’s Burnie team in 2011. She loves being part of a dedicated team and is passionate about helping others that require assistance and struggle to achieve their goals. Melissa says the most rewarding part of her role as Support Coordinator is seeing others achieve their goals. She loves her animals, renovating her house and gardening.
Headshot of Emma Grafton

Emma Grafton

Support Coordinator (Hobart)
“The only way to do great work is to love what you do.”
Emma Grafton
Emma has been working at EPIC for over 10 years. Her background is in hospitality where she worked at Mures Upper Deck, Rockefellers, T42 amongst others. She has a passion for training and honed her considerable skills on the job. Emma started her career as an Employment Consultant within the DES framework, working across ESS and DMS contracts. In 2023, she moved into a Support Coordinator role working in the NDIS space. Emma’s passion is assisting and training participants to be able to complete tasks to the employer’s satisfaction. She is keen to assist them to feel like they are a valuable part of a community.
Headshot of Nathan Ryan

Nathan Ryan

Support Coordinator (Brisbane)
“Every day I get to make a small change for the better in all my participant’s lives.”
Nathan Ryan
Nathan joined EPIC in 2022 having built a career in supporting people with disability over the past 20 years. His roles have included providing direct care right up to participant service management. When Nathan commenced with EPIC, his role as Employment Advisor saw him connecting with employers to create employment opportunities for EPIC’s Disability Employment Services (DES) participants. In 2023, Nathan added Support Coordination (NDIS) to his role as he wanted to continue to make a positive influence on peoples lives. He says the best part about EPIC and the NDIS is that no two days are same and he thrives on the challenges.

What’s next?

EPIC offers Support Coordination services across Tasmania and Brisbane.

Contact us to find out more.