EPIC Assist Hobart and Sorell offer personalised and holistic support to job seekers with disability to help them secure meaningful employment. Our team knows what it takes to find you a job you love – each year EPIC’s disability employment services help thousands of people find and maintain employment.

“EPIC has been helping me achieve many goals and are very caring and helpful all round!” – Mason, Hobart

“The assistance that I have been given by the local office has been exceptional. I have never been treated so fairly. I have had my story listened to and the service is tailored to my needs. Thank you EPIC.” – EPIC Hobart job seeker

In Hobart and Sorell, we can support job seekers with disability on their employment journey through the Australian Government’s Disability Employment Service (DES) program.

At EPIC our relationship with our job seekers is based on respect and equality: we will work hard to find you a job, while you work hard to become job-ready. When you come to EPIC we will:

  • give you the opportunity to choose an Employment Consultant to work closely with
  • discover your interests, strengths and talents, and find out what job you would like
  • develop and regularly review your personalised Job Plan
  • identify your skill gaps and offer you nationally recognised training
  • connect you with like-minded employers who align with your career goals
  • support you on-the-job in your workplace for as long as you need us.

Meet our team

Our teams in Hobart and Sorell are passionate about raising the expectations for people with disability and work hard to create meaningful connections for people with disability in their communities.

“So much more personal than other agencies. You don’t feel like another name on a list!”- Joel, Hobart

“When ever I have to deal with staff at EPIC they are always really respectful and professional and always help me out when I need it.” – Ryan, Hobart

If you’re looking for help to optimise your NDIS plan, take control of your funding and explore your options, EPIC’s Support Coordination services can help. Our team of Support Coordinators will guide you through support options available to you through your NDIS package, and work with you to utilise all areas of your plan.

Our job seekers

Your workforce should represent the community and customers you serve. Hiring people with disability helps businesses understand the needs of clients with disability and mental illness, broadening your customer base and increasing customer loyalty. We have a number of skilled job seekers in Hobart who are waiting for the right opportunity to prove themselves. To find out more about our disability employment services, call (03) 6108 9216.

Community support

We love to give back to our community.  Our goal is to build strong communities which value and welcome people with disability and mental illness. We’ve achieved this by working with groups and organisations in Hobart, who help create inclusive communities for people with disability. If you are a community group or organisation who would benefit from partnering with EPIC, send an email to [email protected].

111 Macquarie Street, Hobart TAS, Australia

47 Cole St, Sorell TAS 7172, Australia

Your local EPIC service centres


Suite 43, Level 6/111 Macquarie St
(03) 6108 9216
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Monday 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM
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Sorell Council Chambers, 47 Cole Street
(03) 6108 9216
Opening hours:
As required on weekdays 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM

Delivering a 10/10 customer experience

By actively seeking feedback and listening to our customers, EPIC aims to deliver a 10/10 service to everybody, every time. Using the Net Promoter Score, we ask our job seekers one ultimate question:

How likely is it that you would recommend EPIC to a friend or colleague?

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