Transfer from another provider

If you are unhappy with your current provider’s services, you can make the move to EPIC today. We deliver Disability Employment Services in Queensland, New South Wales and Tasmania.

Transferring takes three easy steps:

  1. Call the National Customer Service Line on 1800 805 260
  2. Ask to be transferred to EPIC as your new Disability Employment Service provider
  3. Accept your invitation to your first meeting with EPIC

Who are we?

EPIC has been helping people with disability find and maintain employment for over 30 years. We provide a personalised service for every person and stay on their journey until our assistance is no longer needed.

We know that too often, people with disability are underestimated and not expected to achieve highly in our society. We are passionate about raising expectations, and we know first-hand that disability doesn’t mean you can’t find a job you love.

Why are we different?

At EPIC we pride ourselves on providing a personalised and holistic service. We take our time getting to know you, so we can match you to a workplace where you will thrive. Once you are employed, we can work alongside you in your workplace until you feel confident your own.

“The assistance from my case manager was above and beyond with a level of understanding and compassion not comparable with any other DES provider I have experienced thus far. No question too difficult, for an honest yet realistic answer.” – Chelsea, Strathpine

Charlotte walks down the footpath in her real estate uniform
Charlotte has become a valued member of the team at First National Real Estate.