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EPIC Assist has been helping people with mental health conditions, disability, injury, and other health conditions find meaningful employment for over 30 years.

Our local team services the Hobart region, as well as Sorell.

Claire and Amber from EPIC are all passionate about their local area, and finding supportive employers who have opportunities is their business.

Meet the EPIC Hobart team.

Emma and Claire from EPIC's Hobart team are smiling at the camera. Claire is sitting on a chair next to a table with a plant on it, Emma is standing behind.

Am I eligible?

You’re eligible for Disability Employment Services (DES) if you:

  • have a mental health condition, disability, injury, or other health condition
  • are over 14 years of age and are not yet retirement age
  • are eligible to receive an income support payment (e.g., JobSeeker Payment or disability support pension), are an NDIS participant, or are an Eligible School Leaver
  • can sustain work for at least 8 hours per week
  • are not studying full-time (unless you are a school student completing year 12)
  • are not working your full employment benchmark hours
  • are an Australian resident
  • live in one of our service locations.

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What type of employers do we work with?

At EPIC, we pride ourselves on finding the right job for the right person, so we work with employers of many different types and sizes.

You can read more about some of the supportive employers we work with below.

Woolworths Supermarket

EPIC has helped a number of job seekers find their dream job at Woolworths across the country.

Alex came to EPIC over 4 years ago and landed his first role collecting trolleys for Singh Enterprises. Through this role, his bubbly nature and outstanding customer service were noticed by Woolworths staff who approached him about a role inside their store.

Working inside Woolworths was Alex’s dream job, so he jumped at the opportunity.

Alex began his role with full support, which included being picked up from home, on-the-job support while at work, and getting dropped back home after his shift. We provided Alex with travel training, and he has since been able to travel to work unaided and work his shift alone.

Alex disposes of rubbish at Woolworths.
Alex’s duties include putting away stock, tidying up the shelves and clearing cardboard, checking for out of date stock, cleaning the glass on the fridges and freezers, and even making announcements on the store’s PA system.

Jolleen and her sister Catherine recently celebrated their 15th anniversary working at Woolworths.

Over the last 15 years, the sisters have become somewhat of a star at the store, with many customers seeking out their friendly smiles so they can say hello.

They’ve worked in many departments during their time at Woolworths, from restocking shelves to preparing biscuits in the bakery.

Two women with Down syndrome prepare cookies in the Woolworths bakery
Jolleen with her sister, Catherine, working in the bakery on her 10th anniversary at Woolworths.

Cutting Edge Cabinets

When Brett first came to EPIC, his verbal communication skills were minimal, and when he was able to speak, he had a severe stutter and struggled to get his words out. Brett was also dealing with anxiety.

EPIC helped Brett to get an interview at supportive employer Cutting Edge Cabinets, which lead to the opportunity of employment. EPIC also assisted Brett to gain his forklift licence and supported him through a safety course.

Six months later, Brett’s confidence and communication skills have grown, and he is in charge of the forklift operations, receiving orders from the multiple trucks that come in and sorting them into their separate jobs. His role also includes edging boards that form the structure for the kitchens.

Employer Alan Bull and employee Brett Wilson stand in front of a forklift at supportive workplace Cutting Edge Cabinets
Brett has progressed his communication skills and duties at Cutting Edge Cabinets, thanks to the support of his employer, Alan, and EPIC.

Bird’s Nest Restaurant

Talia has mild autism, depression, anxiety, and PTSD and she has now been working at Bird’s Nest Restuarant for over 9 months.

Bird’s Nest Owner Marie could not be happier with Talia’s progress and how much she has achieved in such a short amount of time. She started as a dishwasher and has now become a full-fledged kitchen hand and short-order cook.

Since she started working at Bird’s Nest, Talia has been able to gain her driver licence, buy a car, find stable accommodation, achieve her weight loss goal of 20kg and has just celebrated being one year sober.

Bevan, Talia and Marie stand together smiling in the Bird's Nest Restaurant
Talia has PTSD and she has been kicking goals at her job at Bird’s Nest. Bird’s Nest supports their employees with mental health conditions by striving to understand them and their condition.


Brayden connected with EPIC Assist for help completing a Certificate II in Retail Services. We helped him find a job at IKEA for the work experience component of his school-based studies.

Brayden is on the autism spectrum, and establishing a sense of routine was key to him finding his footing at IKEA.

After IKEA implemented a standard set of procedures for Brayden, he began to fly through his job duties and work independently. His manager saw major improvements in Brayden’s initiative and willingness to solve problems on his own.

Brayden standing in the aisle at IKEA.
Brayden started at IKEA as a trainee.

Why this cafe gave Adam his first big break

“People are missing out if they don’t give people with disability a chance, seriously, they’re missing out.” We worked with Ian from Tattooed Sailor to find him an employee who not only fit the role perfectly but has lifted staff morale and customer satisfaction. Read Tattooed Sailor’s story

I am a business owner

Are you looking for help hiring job-ready staff? Our local team in Hobart are assisting businesses to hire people with disability for roles in their organisation.

We understand how important it is to find the right person for the right job. To do this, we work with you to understand your business needs and break down barriers around building a more diverse and inclusive workforce.

Get in touch with us today to find out how we can support your business.