Supporting employee mental health and wellness

At EPIC, we understand that your employees’ mental health and wellness has everything to do with the success of your business. Mental health conditions are the leading causes of disability in Australia, with 1 in 5 Australians experiencing a mental health condition each year.

That’s why we’re committed to supporting businesses on their workplace mental health and wellness journey. When you go above and beyond to create safe and supportive environments for your staff, they will return that commitment and go above and beyond for you.

What support is available?

EPIC Assist offers a range of supports to businesses looking to invest in a mentally healthy workplace and support employees with mental health conditions. We work with businesses to break down the barriers to employment and are committed to providing ongoing, individualised support to both you and your employees.

Get support to hire an employee with a mental health condition

Our experienced Employment Consultants are committed to supporting you and your team to find the right person, for the right role. We offer tailored ongoing support and will work alongside you and your employee for as long as you need our help.

Get support for a current employee

It’s not uncommon for employees with a mental health condition to experience hiccups in the workplace. This doesn’t have to stand in the way of their job though. If you have an employee experiencing challenges at work due to a health condition, we can help you access the support you and your employee need to keep them working.

Access mental health training and resources

We’re committed to supporting you to build positive environments that support your team’s mental health and wellness. Our mental health workshops and resources make it simple for your business to invest in a mentally healthy workplace and put your most valuable asset first – your employees.

Rebecca’s anxiety no longer defines her

It wasn’t until Rebecca hit rock bottom that she realised she needed help. Now Rebecca is proving that not only can she excel in her job, she has the confidence and independence to move forward in her future.

1 in 5
Australians will experience a mental health condition each year
is the number one workplace health and safety claim in Australia
A $2.30 ROI
can be expected for organisations that invest in a mentally healthy workplace
DDH Graham employees sit with EPIC staff member at work.
A mentally healthy workplace is good for everyone. Positive environments are critical to both employee and organisational resilience.

Why do mentally healthy workplaces matter?

Employees are an organisation’s most valuable asset, and a mentally healthy workplace is critical to supporting their diverse needs. Businesses that are open and supportive of their employees’ mental health in the workplace will attract and retain top quality staff because they are great places to work.

Here at EPIC, accessible and sustainable employment is our goal. We’ve worked with hundreds of businesses to build inclusive workplace environments that support diverse teams, including people with mental health conditions. These workplaces represent diverse workers, in diverse environments, with diverse perspectives.

This unique combination is what sets up both you and your employees for success. A mentally healthy workplace benefits not only your employees but also the bottom line.