Mental health workshops

Our mental health workshops empower businesses to create a mentally healthy workplace and confidently support their employees with mental health conditions.

When you connect with EPIC as an inclusive employer of people with disability, we can support your workplace to manage mental health and become psychologically safe with a complimentary mental health awareness workshop. Our workshops are delivered face-to-face and can be offered to small and large groups. We can personalise our workshops to suit your business’s needs and the individual needs of your staff.

What our managing mental health in the workplace workshop covers

This half-hour to one-hour workshop is suitable for all employees.

The workshop promotes an understanding of mental health conditions, removing stigma, and creating psychologically safe workplaces from the lived experience perspective. It takes a hands-on approach to supporting businesses to feel confident managing mental health and creating workplaces that actively promote positive mental health.

This complimentary session can be presented at your business function, board meeting, or an employee ‘Lunch and Learn’. It will introduce your employees to the benefits of a psychologically safe workplace.

You provide the location, catering, and the audience, we will provide the rest!

This is delivered in a conversational environment and will cover:

  • an introduction to mental health conditions in Australia
  • understanding different mental health conditions and how they may affect your workplace
  • how to recognise the signs and symptoms of mental illness
  • understanding risk factors and triggers
  • how to use the 3 P’s (plan, prepare and practice) to manage a potential mental health condition
  • self-care strategies
  • understanding conversational intelligence
  • creating an employee wellness action plan.

Businesses that complete this workshop will have the confidence and tools to create psychologically safe workplaces and effectively lead people with mental health conditions.

Bevan, Talia and Marie stand together smiling in the Bird's Nest Restaurant
Bird’s Nest supports their employees with mental health conditions by striving to understand them and their conditions.
Mental health training can help your business

At least one in five Australian adults will experience mental health issues at some point in their lives. Depression results in up to 6 million sick days each year, and stress has become the number one workplace health and safety claim in Australia. Would you know how to offer support to someone who is experiencing mental illness in the workplace?

Businesses who are well-informed and capable of supporting people with mental health conditions are often rewarded with:

  • increased tenure and fewer absences
  • improved staff morale
  • existing staff gaining confidence to disclose disability
  • competitiveness in tender processes, as many tenders now require businesses to demonstrate their commitment to diversity and inclusion
  • a diverse workforce resulting in greater teamwork and cohesiveness.

With our practical tools and strategies, you can create a more supportive, positive, and productive work environment.

What makes our workshops different?

Our workshop was developed under the guidance of EPIC’s mental health consultants, who specialise in providing mental health services for employees and the workplace environment.

As the experts in disability and mental health, we created this workshop to raise awareness of mental illness in corporate environments and create safe, supportive, mentally healthy, and aware workplaces.

Not only are our trainers experienced in mental health, but as disability employment specialists they also understand what it takes to succeed on the job. We use our decades of experience in the sector and the lived experience of our staff to deliver workshops that are tailored to your needs. That’s where EPIC’s mental health training is different from others – we understand mental health at work and ensure your team has the knowledge and skills to do so as well.

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Ready to begin?

If you’d like to chat more about our mental health workshop and how it can benefit your business, please get in touch via the details at the top of this page. Our friendly team can answer any questions you may have.

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Become an EPIC inclusive employer

Not yet an EPIC inclusive employer? You can access our workshops and diversity and inclusion support by connecting with EPIC as an inclusive employer.

We’ll help you get your workplace ready for employees with a mental health condition or disability and connect you with job-ready candidates that match your business goals. Once your workplace is ready to go, we’ll stay with you and your employees on-the-journey for as long as you need.

Rebecca’s anxiety no longer defines her

It wasn’t until Rebecca hit rock bottom that she realised she needed help. Now Rebecca is proving that not only can she excel in her job, she has the confidence and independence to move forward in her future.