Disability awareness workshops

Our disability awareness workshops empower businesses and employers to build a more diverse workforce and confidently support their employees with disability.

When you connect with EPIC as an inclusive employer of people with disability, we can support your workplace to become disability confident with a complimentary disability awareness workshop. Our workshops are delivered face-to-face and can be offered to small and large groups. We can personalise our workshops to suit your business’s needs and the individual needs of your staff.

“EPIC made the process easy for us, supporting us in our understanding of how things work. I think it’s great that EPIC run disability awareness training programs, and our company benefited from attending this,” The Arts Centre, Gold Coast.

What our disability awareness workshop covers

This half-hour to one-hour workshop is suitable for all employees. The workshop will help participants to explore and build upon their understanding of disability and improve their disability confidence from the lived experience perspective.

This complimentary session could be presented at your business function, board meeting, or an employee ‘Lunch and Learn’. It will introduce your employees to the benefits of a diverse and inclusive workplace and is delivered in an informal, conversational style.

You provide the location, catering, and the audience, we will provide the rest!

The workshop will cover:

  • the definition of disability and different disability types
  • dispelling common myths about disability
  • evolution of the disability models
  • communicating with people with disability
  • appropriate language and terminology relating to disability
  • disability discrimination
  • benefits of diversity and inclusion in the workplace
  • removing barriers to employment
  • how you can support employees with disability
  • the lived experience.
Employer Alan Bull and employee Brett Wilson stand in front of a forklift at supportive workplace Cutting Edge Cabinets
After learning about different types of disability and supporting disability in the workplace, Alan successfully supported Brett’s transition to employment.
What your employees will gain

Your employees will gain a strong understanding of disability in the workplace and a much more inclusive approach to diversity. We can help you on your customer service journey and help you gain confidence in serving people with disability. When your employees understand diversity and inclusion, your workplace is empowered.

Owner of Stormers, Daniel stands with his EPIC employee Manuel behind the counter at the shop
Daniel has supported two EPIC employees through his business Stormers Sports apparel. He attributes this success to the training and support he has received from EPIC Assist

What your leaders will gain

Leaders will gain a deeper understanding of how to create an inclusive workplace in order to attract, recruit, support, and manage employees with disability. We can help your business reach its full potential by improving both your customer experience journey and workplace culture. This gives you the tools you need to ensure your workplace complies with the requirements of the Disability Discrimination Act (1992).

Why choose EPIC

These workshops draw upon our expertise as a leading disability employment service provider, industry best practice, and our team’s extensive experience in inclusive recruitment.

“We had a fantastic learning session reminding us to be aware of disability and mental illness. It was great to see the team engaging and discussing issues openly. EPIC make it super easy as they come to you and make everyone feel comfortable.” – Leon Stephan, Managing Partner, Advivo Accountants and Advisors

Disability awareness can help your business

Disability-confident businesses ensure that they are opening their doors to all customers and potential employees – including the 20% of Australians that have a disability. When you embrace disability inclusion, you will discover capable, motivated, and loyal job seekers and customers.

Businesses who are well-informed and capable of employing people with disability are often rewarded with:

  • increased tenure and fewer absences
  • competitiveness in tender processes, as many tenders now require businesses to demonstrate their commitment to diversity and inclusion
  • existing staff gaining confidence to disclose a disability
  • improved staff morale, with a diverse workforce resulting in greater teamwork and cohesiveness
  • market differentiation
  • a better reputation and customer base, as employees and customers show loyalty to organisations that value diversity and inclusion.

Free email guide on disability confidence

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Ready to begin?

If you’re already connected with EPIC as an inclusive employer and would like to chat more about our workshops and how they can benefit your business, please get in touch via the details at the top of this page. Our friendly team can answer any questions you may have.

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Become an EPIC inclusive employer

Not yet an EPIC inclusive employer? You can access our workshops and diversity and inclusion support by connecting with EPIC as an inclusive employer.

We’ll help you get your workplace ready for employees with disability and connect you with job-ready candidates that match your business goals. Once your workplace is ready to go, we’ll stay with you and your employees on-the-journey for as long as you need.

Dr Dinesh Palipana – “I don’t like the word disability.”

Dr Palipana, who became a quadriplegic after a catastrophic car accident in 2010, graduated from Griffith School of Medicine last year. Now in his first year medical internship at Gold Coast University Hospital, Dr Palipana is proving that disability is no indication of ability.