Decorative bubble "EPIC are the best recruitment agency because they aren't just there to provide a job, but they are also there to talk about my personal life." Neil

Dan’s Story

Dan’s dreams have come true with employment at Carlton Football Club. A passionate football fan, Dan enjoys his work in the merchandise store, where he ensures stock is well presented.

Dan also thrives on the social element of his role, chatting to customers and team mates.

“I love working at Carlton, I’ve grown in confidence with my work and I’m getting good at doing the jobs they need me to do,” said Dan.

“Sam from EPIC helped me at first but I don’t need him to help me anymore. I can do it all myself.”

Being employed has helped Dan to reach other life goals, and his independence has skyrocketed.

“Now I can travel by myself on the tram,” said Dan.

“Since starting work at Carlton, I’ve also moved into my own place. Having a job helps me to pay my rent.”

Carlton HR Manager Luisa Amarella has enjoyed watching Dan’s progress, and says his many positive attributes make him an asset to the organisation.

“Daniel is a valued member of the Merchandise Team who possesses a great sense of humour and is always inquisitive and wanting to learn,” said Luisa.

“He is very motivated to do well in the tasks that are required of him, and always demonstrates a great attitude. We are fortunate to have Daniel on board as one of our remarkable staff members.”

Dan’s dream job was possible because of the collaboration of Carlton Football Club with Down Syndrome Victoria and EPIC Assist.