Decorative bubble "Hiring through EPIC was just a quick and easy process." CHR Parker Family Trust

Ashleigh’s Story

Ashleigh (Ash) began work at Financial Planning business Rising Tide in Melbourne’s Docklands in December 2017.

Staff from Rising Tide came into contact with EPIC’s liaison officer at Carlton Football Club (CFC).

After seeing the work the club and has been doing with EPIC and two Carlton Football Club employees, Dan and Sam, Rising Tide were keen to follow CFC’s lead and employ someone with disability, underpinning a strong social justice theme within the organisation.

They were referred to Down Syndrome Victoria, who then asked EPIC to assist identify tasks within Rising Tide and link them to an individual who had an interest in working in this environment.

EPIC Business Development Manager Sofie Snedden worked with Matt Hale, Senior Financial Planner and Director at Rising Tide, to create a position around their unmet needs.

After a ‘selection process’ that focused on meet and greets and getting to know the individuals, Ash was put forward for the role.

“The first time we met Ash, she just fit our team perfectly, she jumped right in and became part of the furniture very quickly,” said Matt.

Ash was very excited to start her role at Rising Tide, and likes working with “really nice people”.

Ash currently works four hours per week doing tasks such as setting up meeting rooms, collecting mail, scanning & organising mail, handwritten cards for clients, organising coffee/tea for clients & greeting them when they arrive, shredding papers and organising client files in alphabetical order.

She has also learnt how to catch the tram to Docklands for her shift.

With one on one support from her transition specialist, her skills will be developed further enabling an increase to eight hours per week and a transition to the Disability Employment Services (DES) program in 2018.

Since Ash arrived at Rising Tide, Matt has seen a definite change in the environment.

“She has a bubbly personality and we love the fact that she calls it how she sees it!” said Matt.

“More than anything, we love that Ash an uncomplicated way of enjoying life. We are very grateful for Ash having joined Rising Tide.”