EPIC provides assistance to students in years 11 and 12 with disability who are considering employment or a traineeship/apprenticeship.

Personalised support for every student

EPIC provides training and assistance to prepare students to enter the workplace and identifies employment opportunities that match their career goals. We stay with students on their journey until our assistance is no longer needed.

Our school-based employment services include:

  • Work preparation training
  • Employment planning
  • Sourcing and securing employment, a traineeship or apprenticeship
  • Coordinating workplace and traineeship modifications
  • Support with travelling to and from work
  • On the job support that suits the student’s needs; from high level support every shift to flexible ongoing support
  • Tutoring and mentoring through our Planning 4 Life program

With EPIC’s support, students build their workplace skills and confidence, leading to greater independence and meaningful employment opportunities after school

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Leaders in employment services for students with disability

EPIC provides the Ticket to Work program as part of Disability Employment Services.Ticket To Work logo

Ticket to Work takes a partnership approach to improving the employment and education outcomes of young people with disability. We use the Ticket to Work approach to build a supportive local network for students. With integrated services and support, students receive improved employment outcomes.


Year 11 students must be interested in completing a traineeship or apprenticeship as a part of their transition through years 11 and 12.

Year 12 students they may choose employment or a traineeship/apprenticeship as their transition pathway from school.

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Students can register directly with EPIC via their parents, carers, or teachers.

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