Autism Awareness Training

We will take you through the barriers which exist to hiring people on the spectrum, barriers you didn’t even know were there. We will also explain how these barriers can be broken down, and why it’s worth doing so you can access this under-utilised, and highly talented workforce. Employees on the spectrum are often more loyal, take less sick days, and have great attention to detail. Discover the many reasons how having staff who are on the spectrum will benefit your company, and what you can do to find these highly skilled workers.

Presentation details

Duration of total presentation time approx. one hour – broken into 45 – 50 min presentation with balance of time for Q&A (depending on size of group). The cost for the delivery of each these presentations is $250 per hour plus GST (travel and accommodation for presenters outside of Brisbane CBD will incur additional costs).

PresenterZach Zaborny

Zach Zaborny was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome at age eight. He comes from Scottsdale, Arizona in the United States and graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Mass Communications from Kansas State University in 2012. As Disability Liaison Officer at EPIC Assist, Zach assists individuals with finding employment and speaks at events throughout Australia, promoting EPIC and Recruit Assist, along with speaking to businesses of all sizes, about the benefits of hiring people on the autism spectrum. He is also an international speaker, having spoken in several countries as an autism self-advocate. Zach’s lived experience of Autism helps him to support others with their employment dreams.

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