At EPIC, we understand the importance of work on living a meaningful, fulfilling life.

Work helps us make money, reach our goals, contribute to our community and feel valued.Tessa Maguire

We believe everyone has the right to work, and we’ll do whatever it takes to help you reach your employment goals.

People don’t always connect the NDIS with the word ‘employment’. But it’s time that changed.

The NDIS is all about putting choice of and control over disability services back where it belongs- in the hands of the person directly affected.

You can use your NDIS package to get ready for work with EPIC’s help.

EPIC delivers work preparation training in real workplaces.

We know success comes from learning in a real-world setting, not an imitation workplace. Once the participant is ready to start paid work, they will be comfortable and familiar with a real work environment, and the transition will be that much easier.

Have you been led to believe employment is not a possibility for you? Think again. 

We believe everyone is capable of work, and everyone benefits from the opportunity to work. We will work with you to develop the skills and confidence needed to get you there.