Looking for Employment?

EPIC is a Disability Employment Services (DES) Provider. We assist people with disability prepare for, find and maintain employment through funding support from the Australian Government.

EPIC listens carefully and provides the personalised service needed to assist people to achieve future success. We stay on the journey until our assistance is no longer needed, therefore ensuring long term employment outcomes. Our motivation is seeing the people we assist and their families realise what’s possible.

By understanding your unique needs, we work with you to achieve your employment goals by matching you with a suitable employer. EPIC takes a holistic approach, always being mindful of your health and disability needs in the workplace. We ensure you are ready for work by offering individualised training, skills development and mentoring.

Once employed, EPIC continues to support you through ongoing employment assistance and professional development opportunities. If required we will work with you and your new employer to provide modifications to the work place or initiate a job re-design so your disability or health condition does not prevent you doing the job.

By proactively seeking feedback through the Net Promoter Score, we listen to the voice of our participants.

EPIC assists people with a range of disabilities as well as a number of other health conditions. We also help people who are at risk of job loss or who wish to return to the workforce after an injury.

We stay on the journey with you until our assistance is no longer needed.

What to Expect

EPIC staff will work with you to develop a Job Plan, which involves:

  • Identifying your strengths, specialised needs, additional training and access to other health professionals or community agencies that you would like to be involved with
  • Developing and regularly reviewing your Job Plan
  • Providing assistance to create a resume, prepare job applications and prepare for job interviews
  • Providing on and off-site training
  • Organising apprenticeships or traineeships
  • Providing workplace modifications as necessary
  • Providing ongoing ‘on-the-job’ support to ensure sustainable employment


To be eligible, you must:

  • Be able to work 8 hours per week
  • Have a disability, injury or health condition
  • Not be studying full-time (unless in your final year of school)
  • Not be working (unless you are a Job in Jeopardy participant)
  • Have a Job Capacity or Employment Services Assessment through Centrelink indicating Employment Support Service eligibility, which can be arranged by EPIC.

Please contact EPIC to discuss your eligibility if you are unsure.

If you are on the Disability Support Pension you can register for the Disability Employment Service by contacting EPIC directly.