Looking for Employees?

EPIC is a Disability Employment Services (DES) Provider. We assist people with disability prepare for, find and maintain employment through funding support from the Australian Government.  As part of this we also assist and prepare employers so that they can take advantage of a new, diverse and skilled pool of talent.

EPIC understand what I do and what my needs are. They provide me with good employees and are very helpful when any issues come up.
Endeavour Foundation, Fraser Coast

We treat our customers as business people and take the time to understand your business and its unique needs and then identify an effective solution. This means better job matching.  A more diverse workforce also means a competitive advantage for employers.

What to Expect

  • A collaborative approach. We get to know you and your business, your values, your challenges and the skills and talent you require to maximize your business outcomes.
  • The right employee for you. We consider the passions, goals, skills and experience of our participants, to ensure the best match for your business.
  • Focus on long-term, sustainable job outcomes. Our focus is on ensuring the best job match then providing ongoing support, thus ensuring long-term sustainable job outcomes.
EPIC have been good in finding and supporting valuable staff members for our business. They offer to work with the staff, making sure they have everything they need to succeed.
J Kirk & Sons, Gympie

Education and Training

EPIC’s Disability Awareness Workshops can greatly benefit any business, organisation, group or individual who requires greater knowledge and understanding of disability. The workshops can help organisations create a disability-confident culture within the workplace, embracing diversity and inclusiveness.

Find out more about our Disability Awareness Workshops. 

Let EPIC assist you to achieve competitive advantage by creating a more diverse workforce.

Benefits to employers

  • Onsite training provided for by EPIC
  • Workplace modifications provided
  • Disability awareness training for your staff
  • Increased workplace diversity
  • Improved staff morale and community profile
  • Organisation of apprenticeships or traineeships


National and international research informs us that employers who employee people with disabilities have:

  • Less absenteeism
  • Increased retention
  • Lower recruitment costs
  • Increased work performance
  • Increased worker morale
  • Few workplace injuries
  • Opportunity to Recruit from a broader talent pool
  • Reduce the effect of the labour market shortages

Do not miss out on the best person for the job because they have a disability, EPIC will help you and the employee to be successful.