Mental Health Workshops

At EPIC we place high importance on mental health in the workplace.

At least one in five Australian adults will experience mental illness at some point in their lives. Depression results in up to six million sick days each year, and stress has become the number one workplace health and safety claim in Australia.

Would you know how to offer support to someone who is experiencing mental illness in the workplace?

EPIC has partnered with Mental Health at Work (mh@work) to assist businesses build the skills and knowledge needed to effectively create mentally healthy workplaces.

Our aim is to help employers feel comfortable in employing and supporting people with mental illness.

Armed with the knowledge and preparation delivered through this training, your organisation can make a positive difference in the community.

Workshop content

Our workshops are personalised for each business’s needs and the individual needs of the group. EPIC trainers are flexible and can adapt the workshop content to focus on what is needed most.

Key concepts covered:Woman in a casual office environment, facing the camera and smiling, with her colleague in the background.

  • recognising mental health issues in a workplace context
  • identifying the signs, symptoms and risks that may impact employee wellbeing
  • understanding methods to encourage staff to practice self-care
  • creating and maintaining a mentally healthy workplace.

How can mental health awareness benefit your business?

EPIC’s mental health training benefits organisations, groups and individuals hoping to place employee wellbeing at the forefront of their business. This workshop will help create supportive workplaces which embrace diversity and inclusiveness.

Organisations with a focus on wellbeing will also benefit from increased productivity, positive workplace culture and greater staff retainment.

Get in touch with EPIC to see how mental health awareness can benefit your business.