Disability Awareness Workshops

EPIC’s Disability Awareness Workshops can greatly benefit any business, organisation or group who requires greater knowledge and understanding of disability. The workshops can help organisations create a disability-confident culture within the workplace, embracing diversity and inclusiveness.

EPIC is the first organisation in Australia to achieve Disability Confident Recruiter Status, and we are passionate about workplace diversity and creating disability-confident workplaces.

To assist other businesses and organisations to build the skills and knowledge needed to successfully hire and retain employees with disability, EPIC has created two Disability Awareness Workshops, each targeting a different demographic.

Disability Awareness Workshops available

Disability Awareness- Recruitment Workshop (full day)

This training is suited to recruiters and hiring managers within your business, supporting them to be informed, ethical and inclusive in their recruitment practices.

The workshop aims to contribute to high quality recruitment processes which lead to greater workplace disability confidence, and long term successful employment for people with disability.

Disability Awareness- Service Delivery Workshop (half day)     

This training is suited to any paid and volunteer staff who have the opportunity to interact with people with disability. This may include internal and external customers, carers, family and friends.

The workshop aims to build employees’ disability confidence, leading to an enhanced customer service experience which positively impacts your bottom line.

All workshops are delivered face-to-face, and a number of Master Classes are also available

Workshop content

Our workshops are personalised for each business’s needs and the individual needs of the group. EPIC trainers are flexible and can adapt the workshop content to focus on what is needed most.

Key concepts and learning objectives include:

  • Removing employment barriers
  • Disability discrimination
  • Disability awareness
  • Disclosing disability
  • Disability models
  • Why disability? (Benefits of building an inclusive workforce)
  • Effective interviewing and candidate selection
  • Learning about life experiences of people with disability

How can disability awareness help your business?

EPIC made the process easy for us, supporting us in our understanding of how things work. I think it's great that EPIC run Disability Awareness training programs, and our company benefited from attending this - THE ARTS CENTRE, GOLD COAST

With one in every five Australians having a disability of some description (ABS 2012), the economic and social costs of ignoring this group are substantial.

Businesses who are well-informed and capable of employing people with disability are often rewarded with a host of benefits, including:

  • Increased tenure and fewer absences, resulting in reduced recruitment and retraining costs for the business
  • Competitiveness in procurement and tender processes
  • Improved staff morale, with a diverse workforce resulting in greater teamwork and cohesiveness
  • Existing staff gaining confidence to disclose disability
  • Access to a untapped hidden talent pool

In addition to the many workplace culture and cost benefits that exist, businesses that demonstrate a commitment to diversity are also looked upon favourably by the community.

Get in touch with EPIC to see how developing disability confidence can help improve your business.

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