Help us change livesMadeline Wren with Training and Support Officer Dominique2

At EPIC, we work with thousands of people with disability as they enter the workforce, and support them to reach their employment goals. The thing that sets us apart is we’re not only concerned with finding our participants jobs- we want to ensure they are successful in their roles.

We stay with our participants on their employment journey for as long as they need us.

This is where you come in.

Some of our participants need on-the-job support for a couple of weeks after commencing their jobs, and then they feel comfortable working on their own. Others require a certain amount of support for years, or perhaps forever. And that’s OK.

Our volunteers are essential to providing the support our participants need to feel confident and capable in their roles. Our volunteers support our participants in their individual workplace, guiding and empowering them to reach their goals and gain greater independence.

Why should I volunteer?

As an EPIC volunteer you will help our participants reach their full potential- it’s as simple as that. You will be a direct influencer and key component in their path to success.Tessa Maguire and Samantha Lawson

Everyone knows the benefits of work on a person’s life- making money, participating in your community, feeling like you have a purpose. These benefits are just as great, if not greater, for people with disability that often struggle to get a foot in the door of the working world.

Once they have secured their job, it’s all about supporting them to maintain their job, and thrive.

We provide full training, ongoing support and mentoring to ensure our volunteers get the most out of their experience. EPIC volunteers not only give their time, but their compassion, patience and understanding. In return they are rewarded with lifelong friendships, stronger communities and a deeper understanding of diversity and inclusion.

Who would I be supporting?

Our participants come from all walks of life, and have a variety of different experiences. We take the time to get to know our volunteers, so we can match them with their ideal participant. It’s not about throwing you in the deep end and walking away; we’ll be there to support you, so you can better support your participant.

How much time do I need to commit?

We ask that out volunteers are willing to commit a minimum of four hours per week. We have found this is the time needed to help build a strong, supportive work environment for our participants.

Seeing the same participant for at least four hours a week ensures a routine is established, which is of great benefit to our participants. Our participants respond well to working with the same person consistently; they know what to expect and it helps with their transition, and adjusting to life in the workplace.

What else do I need?

An EPIC volunteer will have the passion and drive to make a real difference in their community. All volunteers require:

  • Police Check (arranged and paid for by EPIC)
  • Blue Card (arranged and paid for by EPIC)
  • Shared values with EPIC (check out our mission, vision and values here)

We’re currently taking volunteers in

  • Logan
  • Sunshine Coast
  • Bundaberg

“Inclusion is not about ticking the boxes or reaching the quota, it’s about getting your hands dirty, giving your time, and bridging the gaps that exist between people with disability and their communities.”

Does this sound like you? Get in touch today!