EPIC Assist Disability Action Plan (DAP) 2015 – 2018

The objective of EPIC’s Disability Action Plan (DAP) 2015 – 2018 is to detail strategies and actions to be undertaken over the next three years to improve access, inclusion and participation for people with disability as staff members, program participants and community members.

The general community’s perception of barriers facing people with disability can often be limited to the physical environment (for example, that a person in a wheelchair needs a ramp rather than steps). However the range of barriers they face is far more diverse, and often subtle and unintended.

EPIC’s DAP addresses both the obvious and more subtle barriers and aims to deliver a sustainable change throughout the organisational culture. EPIC is confident that changes initiated through the DAP will permeate our work practices, systems and culture and deliver improvements for people with disability, staff and participants.

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